Professional & Medical Liability


Physicians and Surgeons

All Specialties (individuals or groups)
Multi-specialty groups
Multi-state groups

*Includes physicians with past or present professional liability problems, such as claims history, licensing or probationary problems.
**Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons – program offered that is specific to oral surgery.


All Classes, Including OBGYN
Individual or groups
Locum Tenens Physicians
Multi-specialty groups
Multi-state groups
Physicians With Past Professional Liability Problems
Primary or Excess Coverage(Limits to 10,000,000)
First Dollar and SIR
Primary or Excess
Prior Acts and Tail Coverage
Professional (HPL) and General Liability

Healthcare Facilities

Outpatient Surgery Centers
Eye/Laser Surgery Centers
Kidney Dialysis
Urgent Care Centers
Diagnostic (X-Ray)/MRI Centers
Physical Therapy/Rehabilitation
Assisted Living Facilities
Nursing Homes

Miscellaneous (Non-Physician) Medical Malpractice

Home Health Care Agencies
Nurse Registry / Medical Personnel Staffing Agencies
Ambulance Services (including air) / Paramedics – EMT’s
Mobile X-Ray/Diagnostic Units
Botox Injections Related Care
Medical/Dental School
Medical Students
Laboratories/Tissue/Blood Banks
Clinical Trials
CRNA’S (Nurse Anesthetists)
Durable Medical Equipment – Sales/Rentals
Prosthetic Device Fitters
Optometrists/Optical Goods Stores
Sleep Labs
(All types Individual Paraprofessionals)

Other Related Areas

Managed Care
Medical Billing Services
Medical Directors
Products Liability
EPLI – Employment Practices Liability
(includes new specialty market for staffing agencies offering full prior acts)
HIPPA Protector Coverage – Covers Legal Expense, Fines/Penalties for persons/entities facing HIPPA Exposures. Available to Physicians, Medical Groups or entities, and Medical Billing Companies.

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