You can’t control Mother Nature, so what happens when a major winter storm hits at the same time as your event?  What if the main act of your scheduled concert gets snowed in and can’t make it?  Event Cancellation Insurance covers these scenarios… in addition to outbreaks of communicable disease (including bird flu and swine flu), labor strikes, and even damage to the hall you’ve rented caused by fires, floods or power outages!  Give our underwriters a call for answers to your questions about Event/Weather Cancellation coverage. 800-626-5660.


Television commercials hammer home the fact that we’ve packed on the pounds over the holidays – or that our New Year’s Resolutions MUST include getting in shape this year.  With all this emphasis on fitness, Market Finders wants to remind you that we offer coverage for Fitness Centers (even those open up to 24 hours) and Sports Complexes.  Personal Trainers and Yoga Studios also qualify for this coverage.  Our Professional Lines Underwriters, Gerri Warner (ext. 1157) and Brandy Marcum (ext. 1139) will be glad to assist you.  800.626.5660


We can finance most all of Market Finders Insurance business through our in-house finance company, MFI Premium Budget. Agents simply collect the down payment and get the finance quote signed — we’ll take care of the rest. Mary Ecken (ext. 1155) and Stephanie Lawson (ext. 1149) are happy to answer your questions. 800.626.5660